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Which Spill Containment Pallets Are the Right Size for Your Material?

A spill pallet is a secondary containment product that is specifically designed to secure drums of fuels and oil, usually in a 205 Litre drum or at an intermediate baggage level. This is because it helps prevent the accidental spillage of fuel or oil. It also helps save time, money, manpower, and storage area space since the product reduces the need to physically store the hazardous material. 

In fact, this is the best way to contain oil spills since it ensures that the fuel is contained in one place and away from the reach of people. However, spill pallets also help protect the environment from hazardous wastes since it reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses while containing liquids. The EPA and several international environmental organizations have issued secondary containment regulations, based on the shipping regulations and product specification as well as product liability, which require companies to ship their hazardous products by approved transport modes. This facilitates the implementation of secondary containment regulations.

Some of the common spill containment products include spill pallets, spill tapes, and spill shielding. Each one of these has distinct uses for containing dangerous liquids. However, there are instances where all these do not prove to be effective. In such situations, there is the need for another solution, which can help manage spills easily and safely, and this is provided by the use of spill pallets.


There are many companies that manufacture and supply spill pallets, including Cons Wrap, Inc., Grafton Limited, Hodge USA, Ideal USA, iBike USA, Kroms, Inc., Pinnacle Poly Corporation, Smart Ship Solutions, Safety Compliance Products Inc., The Polyline Company, Twin Falls Bait Company and Ultra Products Corp. These companies also have various processing methods, including but not limited to: drum storage & retrieval, drum manufacturing, foam transfer, and slab processing.